“THE 20 BIGGEST HITS OF G.GERSHWIN, H.ARLEN, I.BERLIN, C.PORTER” FOR 2 SOLOITS; SOLO-PIANO E SYMPHO-JAZZ ORCHESTRA 2019 Premiered on April 2019 in Buehne Baden (Austria). Soloits: Maya Boog, Reinwald Kranner, Pavel Singer (Piano), orchestra of Theatre Baden. Conductor: O. Ostermann. “THE 25 BIGGEST AUSTRO-POP HITS” FOR 2 SOLOITS AND SYMPHO-JAZZContinue Reading

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VIENNA HOFBURG NEW YEAR’S EVE BALL!” FOR SOPRANO, ROCK-TENORE, BAND AND SYMPHO-JAZZ ORCHESTRA” 2019 On behalf of the Vienna Hofburg Premiere planned: December 31, 2019 in the Vienna Hofburg. Performed by: Ilona Revolskaya (Soprano), Boris Pfeifer (Rock-Tenore), Martin Fischerauer-Band, Ballett of the Vienna State Oper, orchestra “Divertimento Viennese”Continue Reading

“3 ANGELS ON EARTH” MUSICAL 2019 (Lyrics: Beppo Binder) Premiere is planned 16. November 2019, Theater Baden, under the direction of Michael Zehetner          ORCHESTRATON:          2 Flauti (2.=Piccolo), Oboe, Soprano Saxofono, Alto Saxofono, Fagotte, 2 Corni in F, 2 Trombe in C, Trombone,          Batteria/Drums, E-Ghitara, Keyboard, Bass-Ghitara, Violini1,Continue Reading

“3 FANTASY PIECES FOR VIOLIN, CELLO AND PIANO” 2017 Premiere: March 23, 2018, Max Reinhard Foyer of the Theatre Baden. Performers: ART TRIO BADEN (Kinga Vass -Violin, Imre Csiszer – Cello, Iryna Nikolayeva – Piano). TRIO PER VIOLINO, VIOLONCELLO E PIANOFORTE  2015 Premiere: March 1, 2016, Max Reinhard Foyer ofContinue Reading

„THE BEAUTIFUL WASSILISSA“ OPERA BASED ON AN OLD RUSSIAN FAIRY TALE 2010 (Libretto Thomas Jorda) Premiere: November 11, 2010, Stadttheater Baden bei Wien, under the direction of Oliver Ostermann.            ORCHESTRATION:            2 Flauti (2=Piccolo), Oboe (Corno inglese), 2 Clarinetti, Fagotto, 2 Corni in F, 2 Trombe in B, Trombone,Continue Reading

A list of the most important compositions: “HOLIDAY OVERTURE “AT THE BEGINNING OF TIME” FOR A SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 2017 ORCHESTRATION:               2 Flauti, Piccolo, 2 Oboe, Corno inglese, 2 Clarinetti, Clarinetto Basso, 2 Fagotti, Contrafagotto, 4 Corni,               3 Trombe, 3 Tromboni, Tuba, Timpani, Batteria, Arpa, Violini1, Violini2, Viole, Celli,Continue Reading